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     Stilon's history began in Jelenia Góra, where as early as 1946 the first Polish caprolactam was produced, which gave the appropriate raw material basis for production of polyamide fibres. With the decree issued by the Minister of the Light Industry dated 18 August 1949 the Chemical Fibers Enterprise under construction in Gorzów was founded. The production was opened as soon as 7 July 1951. That time the company employed 700 people. In 1966 a modernization process was decided upon, by way of a license purchase. The first half of 1970s was characterized by a dynamic rise in production- an intense rebuilding program, an increase in the production capacity of textile yarn, technical yarn and carpet yarn, introduction of new assortments and innovations in the field of performance properties of offered fibres. With this Stilon became a modern company, widely known among the manufacturers of polyamide goods in Poland and in Europe

     At the end of 1980s ZWCH STILON consisted of several plants, employing a total of 7,500 people. The Company's production was heavily burdened by huge company assets, including highly specialized technical units and a wide range of social activities. Poland's new political and economical situation brought about by the year 1989 forced the Company's management to introduce radical organizational and structural changes. On 30 January 1992 Stilon became a joint-stock company owned exclusively by the State Treasury. On 12 September 1995 Stilon's shares became part of the National Investment Funds, represented by the Second National Investment Fund. In the first quarter of 1996 Stilon's employees acquired 15% of the Company's shares ( 33% of the shares was owned by the Second National Investment Fund, 27%- by the remaining National Investment Funds and 25%- by the State Treasury). In 1998 the industrial group Rhodia and Nylstar became the strategic investor in Stilon S.A. 2003 the company was divided into three parts. Under Stilon company, owned by Nylstar, remained the production of textile yarns; the production of technical polymer chips and monofilaments were taken over by another companies from Rhodia group. 2008 was year of next owner's change - the owner of Stilon company became the polish group Martis.

     ZWCH STILON S.A. is the company with almost 60 years history, which had considerable impact on development of the town Gorzów Wlkp. as well known industrial and cultural site in Poland. Thanks to STILON in Gorzów Wlkp. were built many sport and recreation objects as well as culture and education institutions.

New investments
Four years have passed since the owners of Stilon have changed. It is not a special anniversary, however I believe it is a good moment to inform you about recent actions have already taken in Stilon and these ones, which are about to happen this year and will change Stilon in both technological and technical way.

01 Mar 2013 by admin1

A new site profile
A new site profile established, in case of any questions write at: info@stilon.com.pl
17 Sep 2009 by admin1

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