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Stilon's history - a calendar

1951 - Beginning of production at Stilon (7 July). Textile yarn was produced of own caprolactam and by own equipment. The initial employment level remained at 735 people
1952 - Production of staple fibres from recovered raw-material was initiated. The company canteen was first opened
1956 - Production of technical yarn was initiated. The company started building its first housing estate in Okólna Street. The plant of monofilaments and bristle was opened.
1957 - The Research and Development Department was created from the company laboratories and the local subsidiary of the Institute of Chemical Fibers. Stilon's TKKF was opened- up to now it leads wide fitness & recreation activities and events.
1958 - The first company kindergarten and nursery were opened. At the end of the 80s the Company had 9 kindergartens and 4 nurseries at the disposal of its employees.
The first issue of the company magazine "Stilon-Gorzów" was published in February.
1959 - The Foil Plant (later transformed into the Magnetic Materials Plant) was first opened, initially producing triacetate film base.
1961 - Stilon's tenth anniversary. Production of upholstery and haberdashery bristle was initiated. The Company Health Centre was opened (later transformed into the Public Health Co-operative). The Company Club of Technical Thought and the company branch of the Society of Chemical Engineers and Technicians (SITPChem) were opened.
1969 - The Department of Electronical Computing was opened. Later transformed into the Data Processing Centre.
1970 - A new technical yarn plant, based on a SNIA/VISCOSA licence and representing world quality standard, was opened.
  • Production of videotapes was initiated
1972 - The Textile Yarn Plant was modernized to a yearly capacity of 5,000 tons. Production of soft carpet yarn, trademarked lanastil, based on the Company's own technology, was initiated.
Many public objects were created, to name only the ice-rink Lodastil (closed down in 1975), the Complex of Chemical Schools (recently transformed into the Complex of Technical and Vocational Schools), or the relaxation centre in Lubniewice.
1973 - New production lines for manufacturing monofilaments and bristle were installed and put into operation.
Several new objects were opened: the sports hall in Czeresniowa Street, the outdoor swimming pool (with the seat of the Company Sports Club) in Energetyków Street
1975 - A large modern plant for production of textile yarn, with a target annual capacity of 25-30 thousand tons (PJ II Plant) was opened
. A modern plant for production of carpet yarn was opened, with a yearly capacity of 5,000 tonnes. The textile yarn plant continued to develop. The employment level exceeded 10 thousand people.
1977 - The Plant Museum (presently functioning as the Town Culture Centre) was opened, in co-operation with the County Bureau of Fine Arts Exhibitions (1980).
1981 - A political conflict broke out at Stilon. The martial law was introduced. Part of the employees went on strike. Solidarity was created and then - banned
1987 - A modern line for production of polyamide monofilaments and ferrum-maxi cassettes, characterized by excellent electro-acoustic properties, were installed and put into operation.
1992 - The Company was transformed into a joint stock company owned exclusively by the State Treasury (31 December). The Company applied for the Mass Privatization Program
The Board of Employees ceased to exist
The Supervisory Board was created. Stilon rented out a fraction of its property to Volkswagen-Electrosysteme, employing 1,200 people.
An upward trend was observed. At the end of the year the Company employed 4,047 people.
1995 - Stilon entered the Second National Investment Fund.
A new Telecommunication Centre was opened.
The company welfare system was re-introduced (subsidies for the employees and their children, credits).
1996 - 15% of Stilon' shares were distributed among the employees (the program was completed in February). The first general meeting of the shareholders took place on 18 April 1996.
1997 - Stilon was granted the quality certificate ISO 9001 (December).
1998 - Stilon became part of Rhodia and Nylstar group (December)
2003 - Stilon was divided into 3 plants. On the base of Technical Yarn Division and Structural Polymers Division there was founded separate company (Rhodia Polyamide Polska sp. z o.o) (September)
2004 - Companies owned by Rhodia group sold all their shares of Stilon to Nylstar group (November)
2008 - Stilon' shares owned by Nylstar Srl Italy were sold to Meryl Fiber Srl (January)
2008 - ZWCH STILON SA became a part of holding Meryl Fiber (March)
2008 - Stilon' shares owned by Meryl Fiber Srl Italy and by Meryl Fiber SAS France were sold to Stilon Ltd owned by

New investments
Four years have passed since the owners of Stilon have changed. It is not a special anniversary, however I believe it is a good moment to inform you about recent actions have already taken in Stilon and these ones, which are about to happen this year and will change Stilon in both technological and technical way.

01 Mar 2013 by admin1

A new site profile
A new site profile established, in case of any questions write at: info@stilon.com.pl
17 Sep 2009 by admin1

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