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PBT Yarns

     ZWCH STILON S.A.j is also producer of elastic PBT yarns (catalogue PBT) sold under trademark ELITE. The characteristic feature of this yarn is very good elasticity, immediate elastic recovery and reduced distortion. Application and processing of this yarn is very simple. Yarns of this type can be mixed in one fabric with all types of natural and synthetic yarns and the dyeing is possible in very wide spectrum of temperature. Elite yarn is resistant to sunlight- the reduction of elasticity after \70 hours exposition is only 1%, and also resistant to chlorinated water - 1% reduction of elasticity after 12 days of bath.

     Ready fabrics guarantee either comfort or plasticity and ensure that clothes are lagging to the body, but not press. Elite yarns are used for production of sport & fitness wear, professional swimwear, underwear, socks and fabrics for automotive industry.
Elite yarns are sold as textured yarns on paper tubes or on beams.

PBT yarn before dyeingPBT yarn after dyeing

New investments
Four years have passed since the owners of Stilon have changed. It is not a special anniversary, however I believe it is a good moment to inform you about recent actions have already taken in Stilon and these ones, which are about to happen this year and will change Stilon in both technological and technical way.

01 Mar 2013 by admin1

A new site profile
A new site profile established, in case of any questions write at: info@stilon.com.pl
17 Sep 2009 by admin1

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