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About us

ZWCH STILON S.A. is producer of textile yarns from:      The mentioned yarn types are produced as flat, textured, warped or twisted yarns and are used for production of outdoor & sport clothes, underwear, hosiery and fabrics for automotive industry.

     Good quality and repeatability of the products as far as good relationships to the business partners are look-outs of our company grounded about 60 years ago. We are proud of the confidence of our customers. Our professional and experienced team, able to solve the customer's problems, creates good conditions for co-operation. Our reliability and partnership is the base for the trust of STILON customers. Currently there are 510 people working for the company.      ZWCH STILON S.A.has always been ecology friendly. For many years the company has lead the consequent policy of health, safety and environment protection based on constant education of employees - starting from managing board. 100% of waste (stable and liquid) during processing of polymer and polyamide 6 yarn are being recycled inside the company. This method allows that main raw material i.e. caprolactam is regenerated and reused in polymer production. Stilon participated in the world wide project of chemical branch "Responsibility & Care", the main goals of that were to minimize the impact for environment, improvement of technical safety and preventive activity for health of employees and local society. Yarns and packages do not contain harmful substances specified by REACH.
     All our products are Oeko-Tex certified - it confirms that STILON's products are safe for people and environment and can be used for production of children's clothes

New investments
Four years have passed since the owners of Stilon have changed. It is not a special anniversary, however I believe it is a good moment to inform you about recent actions have already taken in Stilon and these ones, which are about to happen this year and will change Stilon in both technological and technical way.

01 Mar 2013 by admin1

A new site profile
A new site profile established, in case of any questions write at: info@stilon.com.pl
17 Sep 2009 by admin1

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